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Offline mobile ticketing distribution and validation



Distribute tickets with ultrasound from your web page, a video, publicity, posters or broadcast it at your place or event from any speaker, mobile device, sound system or our own tiny hardware.



Send rewards, coupons or discounted tickets, merchandise, gifts per ultrasound.
Your attendees can be rewarded for their visits without internet, celular data or WiFi.
Create loyalty and sponsorship.


Offline Check in validations

You can dispense all the hardware, internet or scanners to validate tickets or vouchers by transmitting ultrasonic signals with validation data from the event door, or at the bar or store.

Tickets and vouchers distribution

Through the sound


Send tickets or vouchers from your website as an audio file or embedded in a video. The users can decode and redeem it in their phones with our software 

Media, Radio

Watchers of videos or listeners of radio programs or can get tickets or vouchers by listen with their smartphones to the radio or video to detect the signals, also offline.

Social media

With the share functions distribute the tickets and vouchers as an audio file through the social media like Facebook chat, WhatsApp and more.



Insert the signals with data in your media publicity and let the users detect it by listening offline to the broadcasted ad. Once detected will be decoded in the smartphone.

Posters, Signage

By adding our own ulrasonic beacons we can turn street or public places/transportation posters into interactives trasmitters where we can engage the public.

Your Place

At the entrance of your place, event or store distribute tickets and vouchers from you sound system or our hardware, or create geofencing areas through the sound.


Is a ticket or voucher embedded into the sound and distributed through the sound as an audio barcode that the software on the smartphone will detect and, once decoded open the ticket or voucher.

By listening to the sound source like speakers, mobile devices, radio, videos, publicity, etc. The listening process is like Sazam but is offline because we will pull the data from the sound, and not from the server.

Users will decode and keep it in their smartphones.

They can listen to the validation data broadcasted from the event door, the store, the bar or wherever the business chooses. They can only use/redeem it once.

By broadcasting a validation signal from the place or event door. W e can engage hundres of users at the same time without buffer or delays since we are not calling any server.

From any sound source, any speaker, even the most simple ones, mobile devices or our own hardware

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